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Why the new i9 macbook pro is too powerful

Remember our articles about cooling?  Remember Steve Jobs liking thin design with no fans?  Then after this read, you’ll understand why you shouldn’t buy the new Mac-book Pro with an i9 processor.

  1. Apple took it’s existing 15 inch chassis intended for i7 and put an i9 in it.
  2. The i9 processor from Intel is the most powerful consumer CPU yet, and has high thermal output.
  3. The i9 processor is very expensive, and that makes the new Mac-book Pro cost over $2800.
  4. The 15 inch chassis and fans can’t cool off the i9 CPU enough to meet the needs of the i9, thus it benchmarks not as well as a thicker windows machines.
  5. The same problem occurred in the first gen Xbox 360 consoles, and cost Microsoft and end users a good deal of time, money, and productivity that could be better spent.

We don’t recommend you buy a thin laptop with an i9 processor, these processors are power hungry and need bigger heat sinks and fans than most manufactures are willing to put in, thus making you the owner suffer when high heat warps motherboards and messes up your CPU and GPU.  Let us make you a proper i9 system made just for you with proper thermal management.

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