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The Google European Union fine and you

  1. As is the case with many software firms, some companies make operating systems.
  2. Google makes Android, and has required that device makers who use android pre-install 11 applications.
  3. This makes it so over 1 billion devices ship with Google software like Gmail, and put’s device makers software on the back burner.
  4. Google can use these 11 pre-installed applications to advance it’s search engine, the main business and driver of ad revenue.
  5. It has an unpredictable effect on you, especially if you don’t live in the European Union.

This happened to Microsoft before in the European Union, and big tech firms have big lawyer think tanks.  You needn’t worry about your Android device going kaput, because Microsoft survived a similar case too.  Share prices of google may fall, and handset prices on the used market will remain acceptable.  Tech changes and depreciates, and we inform you of the best course and work something flexible out for you.

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