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The Xbox One hardware update

Here at Bendy Computers, we sell Desktops, software, service, and more.

However, some people like video-games, and some people prefer PC games.

We recommend PC for the following reasons as opposed to buying an updated Xbox one console from Microsoft.

  1. A 1 Terabyte Xbox One bundle costs around $300.
  2. You will need a TV to go with that, and the Xbox One REQUIRES HDMI, and a PC does not.  The cost of a 4K Resolution TV is around $400 and that would be one less than 60 inches.
  3. You will get one controller, one game, and no java, no legacy compatable web browser, no keyboard, and need xbox live every month.
  4. You can’t use an Xbox One and TV to work.
  5. Price: At Least $700


  1. A desktop machine with a monitor and accessories can cost the same depending on choice of hardware, which we allow.
  2. A desktop machine will also run games and productivity software.
  3. A desktop machine can run a business.
  4. A desktop machine can be upgraded over time or repaired more easily than an Xbox One.
  5. Price: Flexible.

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