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New tech tariffs

If you like tech, we advise you buy now before the escalation of the trade wars.

  1. Most tech these days is made by multinational companies.
  2. Most manufacturers, like apple use Qualcomm and Foxconn boards and or chips Made in China.  China could also refer to Taiwan due to recognition of sovereignty issues as well, learn about that by looking up Republic of China.
  3. Small devices like speakers, smart watches, and others are most affected due to number of components and origin of them.
  4. While we don’t sell small devices yet, we sell the big an custom stuff to go with it.
  5. We are a local firm, and thus unaffected by sweeping tariffs for the most part.

When there’s a tech trade war, retreat to the position of strength, aka, the small, local firm.  Book our remote support while the sale lasts, and if you have a promo code for our PC Games or software, please redeem it soon!

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