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New four figure iPhones

Apple’s gamble on higher-priced iPhones is working, with the iPhone X showing that plenty of people are willing to spend multiple car payments on a delicate and feature rich phone.

There have been reports of Apple Pencil support for future iPhones, encouraged by Tim Cook, in which he talked of having used the two together. Offering iPhone compatibility could significantly boost sales of the accessory.

Additionally, sources expect both OLED models to offer three storage tiers rather than the two of the iPhone X. Sources suggest that in addition to the existing 64GB and 256GB tiers, Apple will also offer a 512GB option. If even a relatively small percentage of buyers opt for this, it will still help apple maintain its status as a trillion dollar company.  Just to give you an idea of how much storage 512GB is, that is over 100 DVD Movies in 720p resolution, which most people are ok with.

For the LCD model, expected to offer something like the iPhone X design at a more affordable price, tech reporters expect Apple to offer 64GB and 256GB tiers, and for the phone to have 3GB RAM in contrast with 4GB for the OLED models.

They say that the LCD model is a low $600, but when you could get: a PC with games and all the fix ins from a custom builder, or a few months of car payments and car insurance, that seems steep to us.  In short, along with the t-mobile and sprint merger, I’d say it’s for the best to skip this round of iPhones, wait until the big four carriers merge into the big 3. Wait for your phone to completely die, and maybe switch to a nicer android that you can modify to your needs like the Motorola mods phones.

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