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The power and features of Windows 10 Video Editor

Most, if not all of the videos distributed on this site are made using free tools Made by Microsoft and included with windows operating systems.  Right now, I use windows 10 and have ended use of the Windows Movie Maker that came with Windows XP.  For the time, it was good, but when you have a powerhouse, you can do 3D and blue screen effects better with modern GPU’s and software.  Using newer, yet free and included software reduces production costs and time involved, making home movie production more accessible.

Here’s what the included Windows 10 Video Editor can do for you:

  • Create text additions in a few fun styles
  • 3d effects with animations and sounds.
  • Included music with beat matching, or the ability to add you own stuff
  • Clip trimming and storyboard editing modes
  • 3d effects anchoring to video or still shots
  • Export to various file formats
  • Export to cloud or local disk
  • Export to social media in 1 click or to email
  • Free with windows 10 and very stable
  • Use of standard windows shortcuts as usual

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