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We are open for remote support and urgent on site

Due to the Coronavirus, we are encouraging people to use our phone, text, and chat support options.  Payment is accepted via card and paypal.

For more urgent support or things that inherently require hands on, we are still providing those services on a case by case basis.

We are unfortunately unable to visit anyone on lockdown in a senior community, but will assist over the phone and accept checks from seniors only.

We service nationwide for remote support and in Baltimore City and Baltimore County for on site support.

Businesses, remote, and senior pricing is still active.  Visit our store for current offers.

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New limits on support packages

Due to a reevaluation of time to revenue and other factors, from this day forward the $50 on site support will only cover a maximum of 2 computers in one visit to allow more customers to be serviced and to allow our operations to be funded more completely. We have yet to break even on our costs, and see this as a possible area of improvement.

We’re still competitive on price compared to the big chains, it’s just we might have cheapened ourselves a bit too much.

Don’t worry though, we have a 3 and more machine package we have introduced at a sale price of $80 for two months or until market demands dictate the sale end. For twice the price of our two machine package, you would get 3 or more machines fixed. And as always, no physical damages are repaired by us.

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We sold a senior support special today

Today we sold a senior support special to a very lucky lady who needed help recovering her home wifi router password. She also got a much needed pc tune up since her machine was running rather slow upon investigation. All of this, a $50 value for $15 since she was a senior citizen. Disabled individuals and seniors always pay $15 with proper id, that being an mta reduced fare card, or a state id of some kind.

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New coupon code valid from Thanksgiving until end of Cyber Monday

You heard that right.  There’s a new coupon in town.  Your time’s up Dell!  The folks here at Bendy Computers have a special discount applicable to Hardware and Support Only.  Spend $30 or more in your cart, and get $10 off the whole cart.  Not applicable to sale items or in conjunction with other offers.  Just use coupon code turkeytime at checkout for this amazing deal.

Since you’ll be buying a heavy new computer, you’ll need to pay shipping still, but our site’s shipping calculator should be fully setup.  If you have any questions about your order, please use our Facebook Messenger found on our main page or any of the other contact methods, like twitter or telephone.

Facebook does work best though as it gets routed to one of four people automatically, or our robots.  Basically, anything that gives a phone a push notification and works on wifi since some of the team will be on wifi only in a remote location for Thanksgiving.  We still want to answer your questions, but even the best technology has it’s limit’s and in this case it’s the Sprint Network.

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Thinking Black Friday? Think Bendy Computers

It can be easy to think of big names like Dell, HP, Xbox, or Valve when buying holiday consumer electronics gifts this year.  With steep discounts on Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and the holiday season in general; it’s easy to forget about Small Business Saturday and small business’s year round.

I’m the first to admit when something isn’t going right, and our marketing and sales aren’t going right.  Facebook ad’s are not delivering the clicks, sales, add to carts, or even the blog reads we expected.  So I switched us to Google Ad’s.  This may limit our demographics targeting and other features Facebook gave us, but people search for new desktops and new software on Google.  At least when I search for something, I do it on Google.

That being said, share our posts at the very least, and please comment on our articles, register an account to get the latest news, and if you need a desktop or want to get a digital game for a digital dude or dudette; please think of us.

Also, spend $30 or more and get $10 off your cart, excluding sale items until the end of cyber monday.  Just use coupon code turkeytime at checkout!

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Team at Bendy Computers.

Damian G.

Ben I.

Delilah J.

Forrest J.

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New Advertisement Running on Facebook

We’re running an advertisement on Facebook for our games to improve sales and brand awareness in time for the holidays. For the price of a hot lunch a day at Damian’s new delivery job, he can fund this with his wages for us for quite some time until sales takeoff organically.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you see our ad and have an opinion or see a correction that should be made, We want our spending to be effective.
Please enjoy your holidays and give people the gift of tech and games.  You can buy the games here.
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All Software $1 for 1 Week Only

All three of our games, that’s right, all three; are just $1 each for one week only!  You get to choose between, “All Lives Splatter” the classic human frogger game.  You could dodge objects as a car on the infamous, “Hell’s Highway”.  Or try and collect worms without getting poisoned in the new “Turtle Time”.

Offer ends 10-28-18.  Card or paypal accepted only.

Buy Now

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Launch of affiliate program for software

On the Internet, use of coupon codes to provide customers a discount is common.  But what you may not realize that this code belongs to someone else, an “affiliate”. This person gives you a code, you get a discount, and they get some sort of credit to their account, a giveaway, or cash. The business the affiliate is associated with gets a sale, and pockets the difference between the price the customer pays, minus the discount and affiliate incentives.

Our plan is simple, give us your contact information , and we’ll give you a code. It gives you the games we made for free so you can test them.  Then, you get a different code to put on anything your heart desires, such as twitter, YouTube, or Facebook. The customer gets $1 off. The developer gets 25% of the sale price, after discounts.  The affiliate gets 25% of the sale price, after discounts. The remaining 50% goes to a general fund for future projects and expenses.

For instance, A customer uses your code to buy a $10, game and gets a dollar off.  The price is $9, so you get $2.25, and the developer gets $2.25. $4.50 goes into the general fund.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, message us on Facebook, our twitter, or send us an email.

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Blog posts now monthly instead of daily

Due to blog posts being shorter, hurried, and less special, I’ve decided that from now on, there will only be one blog post a month.  This is to reduce the pressure to write every day, and deliver longer and richer articles with the possibility of videos with animations, diagrams, audio snippets, and more.

If something catches my attention, or is requested or needs our opinion, we’ll of course write about it, but no promises can be made.  Creating new software titles, providing remote services, and maintaining a proper work life balance are other more important tasks; these tasks now have more energy that can be devoted to them.

Please share our Facebook posts and comment on them.  We encourage a healthy debate, but please do not resort to name calling or violate our bill of rights or other policies.

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We are safe and publishing again

If you are reading this, it means a few things:

  • We are safe.
  • Our hosting provider is safe.
  • Your ISP’s systems are working and safe.
  • You are safe.
  • We kept our promise.

The death toll from Florence stands at 5 people so far, and the storm completely missed Maryland.  Other storms in the past few weeks had hit us though, and one life was lost in Ellicott City in the flood on May, 28th, 2018.  Still, 5 people is 5 too many, and our hearts are with the family of the departed and those who lost their homes and property.

We recommend that you be careful when donating online, and choose reputable fundraisers like Facebook Donate, The Red Cross, or a local church.

The next post will be a tech one, we promise.