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We are safe and publishing again

If you are reading this, it means a few things:

  • We are safe.
  • Our hosting provider is safe.
  • Your ISP’s systems are working and safe.
  • You are safe.
  • We kept our promise.

The death toll from Florence stands at 5 people so far, and the storm completely missed Maryland.  Other storms in the past few weeks had hit us though, and one life was lost in Ellicott City in the flood on May, 28th, 2018.  Still, 5 people is 5 too many, and our hearts are with the family of the departed and those who lost their homes and property.

We recommend that you be careful when donating online, and choose reputable fundraisers like Facebook Donate, The Red Cross, or a local church.

The next post will be a tech one, we promise.

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Stay safe during the hurricane

Due to hurricane florence and the need to prepare on our end and the end of our clients, readers, and providers across the East Coast; there will be no articles until we are certain the storm has ended.

We don’t want the last bit of your battery or data to be used on us, so please save it for an emergency and please charge your devices now before landfall.

Make sure you store all electronics high up and in ziploc bags. Be ready to go at a moments notice and have every bit of data backed up to the cloud.

After the storm passes, be wary of any online donations and stick to reputable charities like churches or the Red Cross.

We will not be providing disaster relief as the last time we did the site went down. Discounts on support or other products are limited to current offerings for now.

Stay safe.

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New Facebook Chat System in place

@915d71cIf you need any technical work done or have any questions, direct them to and our 24/7 chat service will alert me or a trusted agent.  You can do everything from set appointments to get follow up messages about your service or products, and it’s all automated and integrated into Facebook Messenger.

This is just to ensure that all communications are central and secure, as well as to allow faster payment processing and support remotely via telephone or screen-share.

Please note that online ordering and payment is still done here, but all other communications will be done via our business Facebook page.  After you get in contact via Facebook, we can use a conventional phone call, email, or any other means of communications you prefer.

Please also note that prepayment before any goods or services are rendered is still required, and we now only use paypal or cards.  Cash on Delivery has been discontinued.

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Home Internet outage

Due to a local Internet outage, articles will not be written until the ISP restores connectivity.

Tethering isn’t exactly a good solution and I need it for other purposes.

We appreciate your understanding.

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Why you should choose us over a chain store or “A Guy”

  1. We cost less for a house-call than the diagnostic fee at many major retailers.
  2. We have a website.  Most Independent Shops do not have a significant eCommerce presence.
  3. We offer the ability to fine tailor a service to your needs and budget.
  4. We accept PayPal and Cash on Delivery for some items.
  5. We have 6 Years of Accredited Higher education together as an organization!
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A Policy Update on our Code of Conduct

Recently a person who shall remain nameless attempted to retaliate towards me personally for my choice of telling him to refrain from using discriminatory language.  He accosted me personally and used foul language on our Facebook page.  We had no choice but to block him on Facebook and ban his ability to interact with this organization permanently.

Bendy Computers will not issue any warnings for the following behaviors using our cloud computing resources or for use of any behaviors deemed unacceptable for use in a professional setting.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Racist Language
  • Racial Humor
  • Discrimination or stereotyping based on a legally protected clasification
  • Cyberharrasment
  • Threats of harm, false accusations, or acosting
  • Defamation
  • Excessive usage of profanity via phone, electronic message, or in person.

If you have to think about it, you shouldn’t say it.

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On-Site Options Available Again

A few months ago, we had to suspend operations temporarily due to a personal leave of absence I had to take.  Slowly, but surely, I recovered and now Bendy Computers is proud to be accepting orders for On Site support and Malware Removal Options.

Please note, our coverage area is limited to inside Baltimore city, and service slot’s are limited.  We appreciate your understanding during this time and value your patronage and regular readership.

As a courtesy, we will extend the promoaugust deal for one more month, and rename the code, promoseptember

Just type promo code promoseptember into the order form, and you’ll get $10 off your purchase of $20 or more, Software and Videos excluded, and limit one use per account.


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Video Production services now offered

It’s no secret we’ve become good at creating engaging video for you to enjoy for free.  But what about if you want a video made, and have the source materials, but no time or skills to edit it.  What if you just need a small file to own and share with no hassle or high prices from a local business like us?  Here’s how it works:

  • Video Production is charged as a custom job.
  • $1 per minute of final product footage.
  • You supply all the source materials, including video, pictures, and music.
  • Submit using our tools here or email links to files to
  • Email for help.
  • Manage files via your account here securely, and we host too.
  • Billed upfront in $1 USD increments, payable here via a variety of payment methods.
  • You retain all rights and get the files to use as you see fit.
  • Please note we don’t shoot any video, take any photos, or produce any music.  We only do on site or travel work if you pay for that separately.  This is remote work only, and we aren’t responsible for copyright laws you violate, so do your research and only use materials you have the rights to use.

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Progress report on Turtle Time

Here’s a quick video on the progress on our new game Turtle Time!  This game ships September 26th, 2018 @2pm Eastern Time.

We will need a single beta tester.  We are open to reasonable compensation of such a person via PayPal.

You will need:

  • A healthy social media presence on Facebook.
  • A daytime phone you will answer.
  • A PayPal Account.
  • Access to a windows computer.
  • A resume in PDF format.
  • The ability to write professional documents as needed.

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Offerings, Feedback, and you…

In the course of regular business operations, regular customer feedback is needed to improve the experience.

Whether you buy once, buy often, or buy never, we care about the experience just as much because we care about keeping you happy with your tech solutions.

As a regular reader, you become a regular buyer of our knowledge, our newsletters, and opinion pieces.  In time, you become a valuable and educated buyer, and everyone’s buddy on trivia night.

Therefore, we here at Bendy Computers officially announce our Promo August Program.  Just type promo code promoaugust into the order form, and you’ll get $10 off your purchase of $20 or more, Software and Videos excluded, and limit one use per account.