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Our focus is you

Effective immediately, only work that serves the purposes of Bendycomputers paying customers will be done by Damian between the hours of 6am and 6pm on weekdays.

rideshare and other revenue generation activities and recreation will be scheduled at other times.

we are always finding new ways to serve you, so when you need help with technology, paperwork, idea formation, general advising needs, or just want to talk, we are eager to do so

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On Site Service Suspended Until September 20th, 2021

I am on standby to do around the clock caregiving duties in Marriotsville, Md from 9/12/2021 to 9/20/2021. Due to this availability change, On Site Services are suspended until I am relieved on Monday the 20th. I will have limited remote support and remote administrative support timeslots available from 245pm until 5pm most days.

I will be glad to help you when this is over.

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We now offer Tech Tutoring

Sometimes, your stuff isn’t broken, slow or have anything wrong with it.  But due to a lack of knowledge a phone or laptop becomes intimidating or downright confusing.  Fear not though.  The folks at Bendy Computers now offer tutoring.  For $20 an hour, we’ll come to you or a mutually convenient location and tutor you on the top tech out there.  But do yourself a favor and book an appointment while it’s on sale for $15 for an hour for a limited time only.

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Now taking clients for Web Design

You read that right.  We are now in the web design business, in addition to supporting your normal everyday tech support issues.  For $500 you get the website of your dreams custom made just for you in one month or less, and you get three major revisions.  We’ll use a domain and host you supply, and some content such as video, pictures, and text that you also supply.  Then we’ll add in some stuff that makes sense and makes you shine.

We’ll show you how to manage your website over a screen sharing session, and then let your site go live.  You’ll also get support for things like setting up ads, linking facebook or twitter, getting help with api’s, and more.

Buy today and get your portfolio site, blog, store, or social network off the ground today!

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New coupon code valid from Thanksgiving until end of Cyber Monday

You heard that right.  There’s a new coupon in town.  Your time’s up Dell!  The folks here at Bendy Computers have a special discount applicable to Hardware and Support Only.  Spend $30 or more in your cart, and get $10 off the whole cart.  Not applicable to sale items or in conjunction with other offers.  Just use coupon code turkeytime at checkout for this amazing deal.

Since you’ll be buying a heavy new computer, you’ll need to pay shipping still, but our site’s shipping calculator should be fully setup.  If you have any questions about your order, please use our Facebook Messenger found on our main page or any of the other contact methods, like twitter or telephone.

Facebook does work best though as it gets routed to one of four people automatically, or our robots.  Basically, anything that gives a phone a push notification and works on wifi since some of the team will be on wifi only in a remote location for Thanksgiving.  We still want to answer your questions, but even the best technology has it’s limit’s and in this case it’s the Sprint Network.