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We are open for remote support and urgent on site

Due to the Coronavirus, we are encouraging people to use our phone, text, and chat support options.  Payment is accepted via card and paypal.

For more urgent support or things that inherently require hands on, we are still providing those services on a case by case basis.

We are unfortunately unable to visit anyone on lockdown in a senior community, but will assist over the phone and accept checks from seniors only.

We service nationwide for remote support and in Baltimore City and Baltimore County for on site support.

Businesses, remote, and senior pricing is still active.  Visit our store for current offers.

2 thoughts on “We are open for remote support and urgent on site

  1. I am trying to pay $20for a remote session today at 6pm. registered as a new client and entered my CCinfo. But I could’t find a request for amount to pay.

    1. It looks like you may have found the remote support item in the shop, but missed one or more fields on the order page, thus causing square to save your card, but not charge it. This was rectified on our visit to your location and we have one payment from you for on site support since remote support ended up not being the best option.

      We look forward to installing your new cable modem router combo and helping you lower your comcast bill.

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