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What web design entails

What a web designer does:

  • Plans site design and general layout.
  • Installs all the needed software, helps buy domains, and locates a good web hosting environment.
  • Sometimes updates the content, answers phone calls, and may work remotely or on a job-site as needed.
  • Sends invoices.
  • Eats cold pizza at his or her desk.

What a web designer doesn’t do:

  • Work for free.
  • Turn down a fair offer.
  • Host your site in a mop closet for dirt cheap.
  • Shut down sites for no reason at all.
  • Give you a dishonest opinion on your color scheme or fonts.  Some fonts should never be used.

Bendy Computers is committed to a better computing experience.  We are well trained and flexible on many things.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and some things we can and cannot do on your behalf by law.  Every client here is special, so let us work with you and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price for a domain, hosting, and web design.  Remember, websites are a bill like anything else.

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