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Space Law

“Disruption” is a term used in the technology world to describe alleged good.

Estimates show that within the next few years, the Earth will launch more satellites into space than have been launched before. This is a disruption in the best sense; however, there’s a serious problem: Space Law.

Commonly referred to as The Outer Space Treaty, the agreement dictates that each nation be responsible for all and any of the space activities originating from their nation — whether they’re conducted by citizens, companies or the government itself. Each must also maintain full jurisdiction and control over all space objects originating from their country.

This treaty was negotiated, signed, and drafted in 1967… before the first man set foot on the moon.

OK, so the U.S. government is responsible for it’s stuff in space, and anything a us company or citizen does in space.

Needless to say, the current system is a mess of red, white, and blue tape.  Maybe some caution tape and warranty void stickers too.

Satellites are too much paperwork.  Do your paperwork , and we’ll do ours to ensure you’re happy with your blog articles and computing experience.  Maybe a tuneup or a whole new system to do it would be a good start?

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