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The Data Transfer Project and you

So, this is called DTP for short, but what exactly is it, and why should you care?

  1. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter all came together for this.
  2. They pledged to make it easier for people to move their information from one respective cloud system to the other, and have more control over who has what.
  3. This was a reactionary measure based on the GDPR compliance forced upon Google by the European Union.
  4. Users can try out different cloud services and see which works best, and their data follows them and is secured.
  5. This means you can try email, social media, pictures, and more from all 4 and move your information to the final destination of your choice.

Note that apple is distinctly absent from this accord, as is Sony.  However, Sony complies with more vendor neutral standards like micro USB, and android than apple.  Apple should be more consumer friendly and become compliant with DTP or they may be fined in the future.

Data Tranfer Project Whitepaper

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