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Launch of affiliate program for software

On the Internet, use of coupon codes to provide customers a discount is common.  But what you may not realize that this code belongs to someone else, an “affiliate”. This person gives you a code, you get a discount, and they get some sort of credit to their account, a giveaway, or cash. The business the affiliate is associated with gets a sale, and pockets the difference between the price the customer pays, minus the discount and affiliate incentives.

Our plan is simple, give us your contact information , and we’ll give you a code. It gives you the games we made for free so you can test them.  Then, you get a different code to put on anything your heart desires, such as twitter, YouTube, or Facebook. The customer gets $1 off. The developer gets 25% of the sale price, after discounts.  The affiliate gets 25% of the sale price, after discounts. The remaining 50% goes to a general fund for future projects and expenses.

For instance, A customer uses your code to buy a $10, game and gets a dollar off.  The price is $9, so you get $2.25, and the developer gets $2.25. $4.50 goes into the general fund.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, message us on Facebook, our twitter, or send us an email.

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