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Be Careful when updating Windows 10

Although Microsoft has now decided to charge for Windows 10 for new users, that has not improved the quality of updates, patches, and hotfixes to the operating system. In fact, Microsoft has just warned all Windows 10 users that its latest upgrade may permanently delete their personal data.  Microsoft’s statement comes after Windows 10 users took to Reddit and other sites to warning others to postpone the major 1809 update. The warnings from testers and the general public were ignored.  Even the fanboys couldn’t pardon this.

There is no information on how or why the data loss occurred and Microsoft has not provided any timescale as to when the 1809 rollout will resume.  Windows 10 users have long demanded Microsoft give them greater control over updates, and this is just the latest in a string of incidents. Notably, in January Windows 10 updates turned PCs with AMD hardware into bricks with the “spectre meltdown problem”, while a major April update was pulled after reports it was causing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

That said it is the automated and permanent deletion of user data which is, without doubt, the number one nightmare scenario of any user on any platform. If you weren’t already, now would be a very good time to invest in a backup solution.

You can get one here.

Reports from Microsoft’s Feedback Hub of problems with the update, courtesy of twitter.

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