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Fortnite for Android Scams PSA

When Fortnite developer Epic Games decided to skip the Google Play Store and asked players to install from its website instead, the decision made sense for Epic Games. By cutting out Google, Epic could retain 100 keep all of the games revenues and retain more control over the game as a whole.  However, the decision to sidestep the trusted way to download Android apps has also opened up Fortnite fans to getting exploited.

Really, it was only a matter of time until hackers tried to take advantage of the situation to spread malware. And according to multiple sources, it seems that in less than a week after Fortnite’s debut on Android, at least seven unauthorized sites have already popped up disguised as sources for people to download Fortnite.

So here’s a bit of common sense: Stop trying to download Fortnite from false sources. There’s only one place you can go to officially get Fortnite for Android—It’s here:—directly from Epic Games. Anyone who says differently is trying to mess you up big-time.  Even Google has a message on the Play Store when you search for Fortnite, explaining that the game isn’t available there. So if you happen to see something in the Play Store that looks like the popular game, don’t fall for it.

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