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Why California’s Net Neutrality Bill doesn’t matter

California is attempting to force major internet companies to treat all internet traffic as equal…like they already do.  I don’t really see the point of just one state passing legislation that is used to affect a global network.   It’s Comcast’s right to charge more for a network the shareholders funded to have built.  This nation was founded on freedom of speech and personal property rights.  So if Comcast owns it’s cable network, Comcast should not be forced to do anything with it that it doesn’t want to do. 

If Comcast decides to send TCP resets to BitTorrent users in an attempt to discourage them from pirating content, they have the right to do that.  And in the mid 2000’s, Comcast did just that.  It’s called traffic shaping and sometimes it’s needed for the greater good of the rest of the network.  If a security camera fails because a local router was overloaded from illegal torrents, maybe Comcast shouldn’t be neutral to that.

With the internet of things, meaning the fact that one day even your toilet will have an ip address, networks will be under heavier loads than ever before.  Everyone needs to be promised a minimum quality of service if they pay for a service.  The internet connections we use everyday are a limited resource, and limited resources are subject to the laws of supply and demand.  Therefore, the internet, while it generally treats your Instagram the same way it treats this site’s traffic, cannot be equal.

Don’t worry about fast or slow lanes, because the big firms like Facebook and Google already have made their own fast lanes to serve you.  Google’s fiber network was built at great expense to enable it to capture market share.  Facebook builds massive data-centers to serve up cat videos and recipes, and if you think that they don’t have a different arrangement with the ISP’s, then maybe reading more is the answer.

Bendy Computers is here to educate, but you the consumer must choose to seek out this knowledge every day.  We’ll take anyone’s money as long as it’s a valid card for payment, but we want our customers to be so well versed in their purchases that they don’t need us.  Quality instruction is part of service, and you can’t get instruction from college educated professionals at most stores.

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