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We’ll never win the war on internet toxicity

Since the dawn of the internet, commenting has expanded beyond a box under web articles and videos and turned into a space where people have a megaphone in the form of Facebook and other social media sites. That has opened the door to extreme trolling, harassment and the ability to spread falsehoods.  Most of these internet trolls are those who use the internet to hide and also act out their deepest, darkest selves without fear or reprisal.

Other people who are toxic online are those looking to quickly and without fear of harm damage the real world reputation of others.  In many cases, this leads to unemployment, depression, and suffering for the people attacked, and the attacker often times suffers no consequences.

People have a natural need to get their wants and needs filled, and some people are unwilling to wait for their needs and wants.  In a world of always on wireless internet, it can be easy to become frustrated with delays in the real world.  This can hurt everyone as a whole and lead to a breakdown in interpersonal interactions in real life, with very real consequences like crime and unrest.

Bendy Computers will not tolerate trolling or harassment on our platform, and reserves the right to at our discretion refuse to service people or organizations who do not respect the rights of others to feel comfortable online. If you go online, please be kind.


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