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Verizon Safe WiFi is just a VPN

It’s no secret most people love Verizon in the US of A.  It’s red like the flag and their blood.  Through numerous scandals, mergers, acquisitions, and privacy concerns, Verizon remains number one in terms of subscribers at over 150 Million for Q4 2017.

Verizon Wireless knowingly and willfully handed over private subscriber data including call metadata to the NSA, as revealed by Edward Snowden 2013 as part of the then classified PRISM and XKeyscore Programs.  This violated the peoples reasonable expectation of privacy on a telephone call, and violated thier faith that such a massive company would protect their data as it traveled over the Internet using their wireless and wire-line offerings.

Don’t Buy VPN services from a company that sold you out to the US Government only 5 years ago, buy it from somewhere else with some bitcoins.  You wouldn’t ask this guy to be a security guard at the town McDonald’s, so please separate your wireless provider and VPN provider.  It’s a conflict of interest and referred to as a  “Defense in Depth Strategy“.     

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