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Sony’s new 48 megapixel camera

Sony has announced it has developed the new IMX586 smartphone camera sensor.  Here’s a few quick tidbits about it.

  1. It’s a CMOS based sensor with 4 stacked parts in one package.
  2. It measures 8mm diagonally.
  3. Like most cameras, end user software implementation will make or break the quality.
  4. The extra resolution will be used to help in low light photos, and for long distance shoots.
  5. Even when cropped by 400 percent, you’ll still get a 12 megapixel photo, which is fine to most people.

Any Sony smartphone camera or standalone camera will be top notch in a few months time if it wasn’t already, and their imaging software is designed to make the most of their sensors.  If you can find other devices that use the IMX586 sensor, those are good options for picture people.

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