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San Fran Employee Cafe Ban

In an effort to boost sales at retailers and restaurants near big tech giants, local governments are banning complimentary cafeterias in the offices of major tech giants.  This ban is done for a few reasons and there’s a few main points to it.

  1. Non Retroactive.  Existing cafeteria’s can stay.  New ones might not be allowed.
  2. This law applies to free food mainly, a perk of many large tech firms.
  3. Legislators and supporters of the ban cite the amount of business these cafeterias draw away from downtown restaurants and retailers due to the amount of people choosing to not buy out of either convenience or some other factors.

There’s too many tech companies setup in California and the Western US.  Baltimore needs jobs and firms based here, and Bendy Computers has no plans to relocate or impose excessive requirements on who or what we will or will not work with.

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