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New Indie Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch may be in direct competition with gaming PC’s for the same marketshare, but since our motto is, “We’re Flexible”, and we owe the industry a few favors; we’ll write about it.  More specifically, Sword & Sworcery.

Sword & Sworcery is coming to the Nintendo Switch.  One thing that really sets this game apart is that all the dialogue is 140 characters or less, allowing the experience to be tweeted by the player as it unfolds.

Aside from that, the pixel art, Legend of Zelda like gameplay, and use of the ios system clock made it a smash hit.

The gane used the system clock to tell the game using the Internet to track real world lunar phases, and then only allow certain event and dialogue sequences to unlock when pre determined lunar phase conditions happened in real life.

The games moody music certainly helped too, as prior to making the game the lead developer did indie music. There’s no doubt in my mind that he put just as much effort into the games soundtrack as he did with any other music of his.  In fact, the game’s soundtrack was so passionately produced it was later sold separately.

Due to many good aspects of this title, even the creative team can’t pin down what exactly is the cause for the success, they’re just glad it did succeed.

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