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New Facebook Chat System in place

@915d71cIf you need any technical work done or have any questions, direct them to and our 24/7 chat service will alert me or a trusted agent.  You can do everything from set appointments to get follow up messages about your service or products, and it’s all automated and integrated into Facebook Messenger.

This is just to ensure that all communications are central and secure, as well as to allow faster payment processing and support remotely via telephone or screen-share.

Please note that online ordering and payment is still done here, but all other communications will be done via our business Facebook page.  After you get in contact via Facebook, we can use a conventional phone call, email, or any other means of communications you prefer.

Please also note that prepayment before any goods or services are rendered is still required, and we now only use paypal or cards.  Cash on Delivery has been discontinued.

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