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How Meltdown and Spectre Impact Builders

If you read my previous post on exactly what the newest security issue is in the world of computing, you may be wondering what kind of effects this will have on companies who build and sell computers. Companies like Apple, Dell, and HP (just to name a few) who primarily use Intel processors are pretty affected, as they are now responsible for the security of the systems they produce. Anything still under warranty or scheduled to be built with the affected parts is vulnerable, and they are obligated to take care of their customers.

However, the boutique builders out there (such as us, Digital Storm, Cyberpower, etc.) have more flexibility. Yes, we offer systems with Intel processors, as do our competitors, but we all share one critical thing that the bigger system integrators don’t: customizability. You have the option to change any system you want to fit your needs, or work with us to design your system from scratch so that you get the best experience possible. The warranty is also the customer’s choice, so experienced enthusiasts who feel more comfortable at the mercy of their own actions can opt to pay less (but sacrifice the protection we offer).

The flexibility that we offer you is very advantageous: you aren’t limited to one choice. If you can dream it, we can build it. Be sure to check out our store for whatever your computing needs may be!

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