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Ova West Web Game Announcement

Web Based Game Outline

Name of Game: Ova West


Ova West is a HTML5 game developed using Game Maker 2 Studio. It is a platform game based made by Bendy Computers. The game is set in Baltimore, and has users play in 5 different neighborhoods in a west to east direction. The game will be released on miniclip, addictinggames and bendy computers website. Game play will be similar to double dragon, and art style is to be determined, but probably as simple as possible. Target release date is November 2021.

This outline will be divided into 8 sections as follows: Synopsis, Target Audience, development timeline, game mechanics, Story-line, Level descriptions, npc descriptions, and miscellaneous.

Target Audience:

The target audience is the 13 to 25 year old male with an interest in following one or more items: hip hop, urban culture, Baltimore, web games, flash games, browser games, games based on real locations, platform video games, games with story-line.

Development timeline:

By the end of May, all e learning on game development for game maker studio 2 should be completed. Game maker studio 2 licenses should also be acquired by this time as well. Announcements with preliminary art should be available on Bendy Computers website and Facebook page. The game title will be announced, and the synopsis from this article and a more detailed press release will be made available by may 15th 2021.

The levels will be sketched out on paper by the end of June, along with as much of the character, npc, projectile, obstacle, and other such sprites.

Pseudo code and flow charts will be completed by july 15th.

Once all assets and code precursors are done, 2 weeks will be allotted to putting the assets into game maker and getting the code fully written. This should be around July 30th.

A closed beta will begin in august, and should the game be mostly bug free the game will be released.

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